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Epcot Tips
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Epcot Tips

If you'll be using the handicapped parking keep right as you go through the toll booths to pay for parking because you'll be turning right shortly thereafter.

Arrive early, ticket in hand. That way you can be enjoying the park before the afternoon lines slow you down. Note that Future World opens hours before World Showcase.

Consider taking a break in the hot, crowded midday and relax for a while back at your hotel so you can come back in the evening and last through IllumiNations, the nightly light and fireworks show. Another nice break can be to book one of World Showcase's sit-down restaurants for a relaxing lunch instead of grabbing fast food and getting right back at it.

Don't get hung up on the rides and miss the wonderful live entertainment scheduled throughout the day -- grab an entertainment schedule at Guest Relations and check it often.

Don't miss the wonderful people, either. World Showcase is full of workers from the countries represented here who'd love to talk with you about their homelands. Ask them something more interesting than "Where's the bathroom?" and you might learn something.

Got Kids? Epcot has "Kidcot Fun Stop" stations at most pavilions. These are tables where a cast member awaits with some sort of craft activity (such as a coloring page or something simple to build that's related to the pavilion) for kids to experience. It's one of the ways Disney is trying to make the somewhat adult Epcot appeal to children.

Try not to keep doubling back but see each area as you get to it (with the exception of Innoventions). Epcot is huge, and you'll be doing enough walking as it is. You may want to start with Mission: Space or Soarin', or at least get a FastPass for later entry as lines here grow quickly and stay long all day.

Don't try to be first through the doors at films or theater presentations -- you'll just have to slide on down toward the end of the row. If you want to be in the middle of the theater, try to saunter in with the middle of the crowd.

Epcot has some of the most popular restaurants in Walt Disney World, so make sure you get reservations in advance. You can often book up to 180 days in advance for most restaurants at (407) WDW-DINE (939-3463).

If you are staying in a Walt Disney World resort, have bulky items you purchase sent directly back to your hotel. If you are staying off property you can have your purchases sent to Package Pick-up near the main gate so you don't have to lug them around all day. Don't forget that some items may not be so easy to get home, especially if you are flying. Reproduction weapons will have to go into checked baggage, and even an innocent looking snowglobe may be ineligible to go in carry-on luggage due to TSA restrictions on liquids.

Saw something you wanted to buy but forgot to pick it up while you were in the park? Call Walt Disney World Attraction Merchandise Mail Order, (407) 363-6200, and they may be able to find the item for you.

Explore Epcot:

Future World

World Showcase

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