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Main Street USA

Main Street USA, the first of The Magic Kingdom's seven themed "lands", is the Disney version of a small American town at the turn of the last century (and not unlike Marceline, Missouri -- the town where Walt Disney grew up.)

Each individual building, although most are really just a part of one of several larger buildings, has its own character and style -- inside and out. The names on the second story windows belong to real people, honoring various past Disney executives and imagineers.


Main Street USA, as the entryway to The Magic Kingdom, houses many of the services a guest might need within the park.

Guest Relations, located in City Hall (to your left as you enter the park) is the place to go for information, park maps and schedules, tours, and complaints. A special guide for guests with disabilities in available here, too. (Tip: if you want to meet a particular character in the park, ask at the desk about their scheduled appearances.)

Wheelchairs, ECVs, and Strollers may be rented at the counters just inside the turnstiles, before you cross under the railroad tracks.

Storage lockers are located to the right of the train station as you face the park after entering. They are not self service -- you must go to the gift shop next door and pay for a key.

The First Aid Center, located near the Crystal Palace at the hub (castle) end of Main Street, is easily accessible from all of The Magic Kingdom's lands and is the place to go for help with any injury or if you simply feel ill (Sunburn and heat exhaustion are two of the most popular problems here at the height of summer -- so be careful out there).

The Baby Care Center, with facilities for changing, feeding, and nursing little ones, is next door to the First Aid Station. (Most restrooms also have changing tables).

Forgot the film, need batteries, or broke your camera? Try The Kodak Camera Center, located in the Town Square Exhibition Hall.

Automatic Teller Machines are now scattered throughout the park. Foreign currency exchange is available at City Hall.

Rain gear, those yellow Mickey Mouse ponchos you see sprout up whenever it rains, are available at the Emporium as well as many other shops throughout the park, but under the counter -- you have to ask for them.

Information about character appearances, show and parade times, ride waiting times, and more is posted on The Guest Information Board at the hub end of Main Street.


The Walt Disney World Railroad
Walt Disney loved trains and made sure his parks had them. Real steam trains, too -- just listen to that whine of a real steam whistle and the chugging of the live steam pistons. It's a pleasant one and a half mile ride as well as practical transportation to the other stations at Frontierland and Mickey's Toontown Fair. Look for the few arcade machines now in the waiting room that survived the Penny Arcade's closing. Note that the train shuts down during parades.

Main Street Vehicles
The Horse Drawn Trolley and Main Street Fire Engine or other vintage vehicles are sometimes available for rides from one end of the street to the other. Look for displays about horses and early transportation in the Car Barn.

Parades and Fireworks
Pick up a "Times Guide" on entering the park for information on that day's parade times and Fireworks display (in season, when the park is open late). Parades wind through Frontierland, around the hub in front of the castle, down Main Street USA, and around the town square, exiting the street just between the Car Barn and the Fire Station (south of the Emporium). Main Street USA is a great place to watch parades and the fireworks display so it quickly becomes crowded with families staking out a good spot along the way.


  • Tony's Town Square Restaurant is an often overlooked table service Italian restaurant themed after Disney's classic Lady and The Tramp. There's no wine served here, however, as there is no alcohol served anywhere in The Magic Kingdom. Preferred Seating recommended.

  • Main Street Bakery, sponsored by Nestle Toll House, has their signature Toll House chocolate chip cookies as well as a luscious line of pastries -- makes a great continental breakfast on your way into the park.

  • Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, sponsored by Edy's Grand Ice Cream, has cool treats and cones.

  • The Plaza Restaurant, at the hub end of the street, serves sandwiches, salads, and burgers with ice cream specialties for dessert (the Ice Cream parlor is next door). It's table service, reservations not always accepted.

  • Casey's Corner, sponsored by Coca-Cola, is across the street from the Plaza Restaurant and offers hot dogs, french fries, and Coca-Cola products. Most of its limited seating is outdoors with a view of the hub.

  • The Crystal Palace, close enough to Adventureland to have a view of the jungle, is home to a character buffet with Pooh and friends. The multi-windowed building is a beautiful setting for a meal, while the characters come to you. Preferred Seating recommended.

Snacks may be had at the Train Station, popcorn carts, and the Confectionery (see shopping).


Main Street is The Magic Kingdom's main shopping strip. Architecturally, Main Street's stores are all impeccably themed and beautifully done. If you can put one of the best-selling Disney characters on it, whatever the item, it is probably available here.

On the right hand side of the street (as you face the Castle):

  • The Town Square Exhibition Hall, has Kodak Film and camera supplies, and you can meet Mickey, too.
  • The Main Street Confectionery is a giant candy store.
  • The Chapeau has all sorts of hats including those monogrammed mouse ears.
  • The Disney Vacation Club They will be more than happy to sell you a vacation timeshare.
  • The Main Street Cinema. This former attraction is now just another store, but with a video screen. Now featuring The Art of Disney lithographs, books, and collectables.
  • Uptown Jewelers offers jewelry, clocks, watches, character figurines, china, and other collectables.
  • The Shadow Box will capture your profile in a custom silhouette.
  • Crystal Arts Hand-blown glass items by the Arribas Brothers.

On the left side of the street:

  • The Firehouse Gift Station has fire-fighting related gifts and pet related products. Check out the large collection of fire department patches various firefighters have given the station over the years.
  • The Emporium has, well, everything, with gifts, toys, T-shirts, and Walt Disney World souvenirs. The store is huge and takes up more than an entire block, haven expanded into the alley and space formerly occupied by the Barber Shop.
  • Disney Clothiers. Clothing, all with Disney characters or logos.
  • The Hall of Champions has sports gifts and clothing, with sports memorabilia in the Collectors Nook.
And, located at the entrance gates, the Newsstand is your first and last chance souvenir shop.

Guests staying on property can have purchases sent directly to their room. Large or heavy purchases can be held at the Package Pick-up area near the train station. Don't wait for the end of the day to shop Main Street and you'll beat the crowds of people who will.

Where To?

From the hub at the end of Main Street USA you can explore the Magic Kingdom's other lands:

Liberty Square
Mickey's Toontown Fair (connects directly to Main Street USA via the Walt Disney World Railroad).

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