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General Questions

We're sorry, but the press of time and volume of email we receive make it impossible for us to directly answer your travel planning, homework, or reference questions. We are also unable to find you a job or help you get your bank account out of Nigeria. If you can't find the answers to your questions on this site, you might try any of the following sources:

For information on any individual theme park's prices, hours, policies, etc., try that park's website. Why not get your information directly from the people who set those prices, hours, and policies? If your question is not answered there, they will probably provide contact information so you can ask them directly (although they may not have email -- you may need to give them a call or use a web based form). There's a list of park websites here.

For information on the outdoor amusement business, try the appropriate trade organization or trade publication.

There are commercial reference services available, such as Google Answers, or you might try the reference librarian at your local public or school library (some libraries even offer reference services by email now.) Perhaps they could help.

Questions About Theme Park City

Why don't you list [insert name of particular park here]?
We list all of the websites for theme and amusement parks, waterparks, and zoos we are aware of within our coverage areas. If we don't have a park listed it is because we are either unaware of its existence or we can't find a reliable official website for that park. Some parks simply do not have websites. We usually do not list small, borderline attractions like individual miniature golf courses, FECs without rides, or malls with just carousels, and we prefer to list official sites rather than fan sites. Links may be submitted to us by email below.

Who edits this thing?
Our executive editor is Robert H. Brown.

Mr. Brown was Theme Parks Guide at from 1997 until he resigned that position in early 2002 to take on new challenges. At About (originally The Mining Company), he created a site The Associated Press called then "a good launching point" for the traveler seeking theme park information on the web that was also recommended by Yahoo! Internet Life, Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service, Games Magazine, the OC Register, and many more newspapers, magazines, and other publications. At Theme Park City he's building a site exclusively about theme park travel and the outdoor entertainment industry without the limitations of a generic network format and increasingly desperate "dot-bomb" advertising tactics like annoying pop-up ads and frames on outbound links.

Mr. Brown has visited literally hundreds of theme parks, amusement parks, waterparks, zoos, and attractions in the course of his career, has studied the theme park industry as a graduate student in Tourism at the University of Florida, and has attended the IAAPA's Attraction Management School. He has worked in the themed attraction industry for several theatrical attractions and, as a freelance writer, has written for a diverse range of publications ranging from Amazing Stories to Holiday & Travel Magazine.

Contact Theme Park City

For general comments/questions about this site AFTER you have read the above:

NewEmail "at" themeparkcity .com (without the spaces and with an @ instead of "at". We had to kill the old Webmaster@ address due to excessive spam.)

For PR/News Release submissions:

NewsContact "at" themeparkcity .com (without the spaces and with an @ instead of "at").

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