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Waltzing Waters Aquarama.

Following the closing of Cape Coral Gardens, Waltzing Waters and some of the garden's other water-based attractions relocated to an inland site in North Cape Coral on Pine Island Road to become Waltzing Waters Aquarama, opening in 1971.

Waltzing Waters is a dancing fountain-set-to-music show invented by Otto Przystawik in Germany in the 1920's. Then known as "Przystawik's Dancing Fountains," Otto made small scale displays for stores and restaurants before the war, then expanded with larger installations in the 1950's. In 1965 Otto's son, Gunter, moved to Florida and started making his own, improved "Waltzing Waters" fountain installations in Cape Coral.

Waltzing Waters Aquarama.

The Aquarama closed at the beginning of the 1980's. Some of the former attraction's facilities are now part of the German American Club's complex, the old gift shop becoming "Heidelberg Hall."

Waltzing Waters Rainbow Palace.

For a time in the 1980's a smaller scale attraction, Rainbow Palace Waltzing Waters, consisting of an indoor (daytime) and outdoor (evening) Waltzing Waters show, along with a miniature golf course, operated at 18101 US 41 South, near San Carlos Park. That building became a furniture store for a time.

The Waltzing Waters industrial plant in Cape Coral remains in operation today, still making dancing fountains for theme parks, tourist attractions, shopping centers, casinos, and other such applications. A Waltzing Waters outdoor show once also operated at The Shell Factory, in North Fort Myers.

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