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The Florida Wild Animal Farm was a roadside zoo and captive exotic breeding farm located about seven miles north of Callahan, Florida on US 1-301-23. Here the lucky visitor could see "The South's Largest Menagerie" featuring "The World's Largest Elephant", "The World's Smallest Dog", "The World's Largest Alligators", "Real Live Prehistoric Dragons", "The World's Smallest Cow", birds "By The Thousands", and, although not mentioned directly in the attraction's advertising, "The World's Greatest Collection of Hyperbolic Advertising Adjectives" -- all crammed into this one little zoo.

The farm operated from the late 1940's to about 1960, when its operator, Bob Snowden, got into the circus business, running the King Bros. Circus, among other shows and promotions. Snowden got back into the roadside zoo game with Chico's Monkey Farm on US 17 in Richmond Hill, Georgia, in 1969. That attraction closed around 1980.

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