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Foxbower postcard

The 22 ft high, 58 ft. long pink dinosaur sculpture on US 19, three miles south of Weeki Wachee (not the dinosaur-shaped former Sinclair Gasoline station south of there, but the other one), was erected for taxidermist Jacob S. Foxbower in 1962 to call attention to his display of unusual stuffed animals. At that time the attraction was named "Dinosaur Wildlife" in hopes of cashing in on 1960's dino-mania.

Foxbower brochure

Foxbower later renamed his museum the somewhat more dignified "Foxbower Wildlife Exhibit". It operated as both a museum and taxidermy shop. He died in 1988; his widow and then son continued to operate the attraction until 1998. The Exhibit is now gone but the dinosaur remained, standing guard over a barber shop. The photo below is from 2011.

Foxbower dinosaur

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Postcard and brochure images from the author's collection. Photograph by Robert H. Brown, July, 2011.

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