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a photo of The Haunted Mansion, Kissimmee.

Kissimmee's Haunted Mansion, the mortal remains of which lie a-moldering at 4710 East Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, looks even creepier in death, although its second career, as a training area for the Fire Department, might help save lives in the future. When open it was a walk-through haunted house and horror memorabilia museum.

Two questions about this attraction immediately spring to mind:

1. Mansion? Doesn't this thing look more like a castle?


2. Why would anybody name an attraction in the Orlando area "The Haunted Mansion" when that would immediately lead to unflattering comparisons with Walt Disney World's classic Haunted Mansion attraction in the Magic Kingdom theme park just up the road?

Update 2011: the building is still there but has now been modified and is in use as a country music club.

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