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Seville Peacock Farm

The Seville Peacock Farm was located at the intersection of Haines Road (US 19) & Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard, on land that is now the site of the Seville Condominiums, in Clearwater.

The farm featured "More than 500 peafowl, including every specie and color," as well as wild turkeys, chickens, pheasants, and other animals, including a few deer. Owner Eugene Pearce first developed the land in 1882 as a grove of Seville oranges (thus the name of the farm), keeping a few peacocks around for his own enjoyment, but turned to raising the birds and made his farm into a tourist attraction in the 1930's. Although the Peacock Farm closed around 1960, the occasional peacock (descendants of escapee birds) could still be seen in the area, and a peacock was used as the logo for the Clearwater Mall.

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