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Storyland, a fairy tale themed kiddieland at 891 Federal Hwy. (US 1) near Pompano Beach, was one of a number of similar, toddler oriented parks that opened in the 1950's, riding the first wave of the post World War II baby boom (Storyland opened in November, 1955, on the day after Thanksgiving.). Like Disneyland, they took their themes from fairy tales and nursery rhymes but, unlike Disneyland, they lacked appeal to the entire family.

Storyland from the air

Storyland featured a miniature train ride past fairy tale scenery, a merry-go-round, ferris wheel, and airplane ride, as well as pony carts, a monkey village, Seminole Indian village, Little Red Schoolhouse, and a chapel with carillon.

When the first boomer toddlers got a little older these parks began to run into trouble. Storyland closed down in early 1961, changed hands, reopened, was back on the block by 1964, and, with damage from Hurricane Cleo not helping any, finally closed and was torn down in 1964.

A similar park, Storyland U.S.A., also opened in the 1950's in Jacksonville. It was located on US 90 Alt., about a quarter mile east of the John Matthews Bridge over the St. Johns River. It featured a "Storyland Trail" with places drawn from fairy tales as well as kiddie rides like a ferris wheel, pony carts, and a "tiny roller coaster no higher than your head." There was also a miniature riverboat for trips down the St. Johns and, of course, Santa's Toy Shop (the requisite gift shop). The park was up for sale in May of 1958, with "10 gorgeous acres between Expressway and River... includes several rides, concessions if desired."

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