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Weapons of the World, located just northeast of Cypress Gardens on Hwy 542S, was more than a museum; it was a hands on experience that gave the visitor a chance to actually use modern copies of ancient weapons. This was in the Cold War 1950's, when weapons training was not only considered a good thing, but a patriotic duty. It's no wonder it didn't survive through the '60's.

An ad for Weapons of the World in The Florida Tourist Guide (Winter Haven, 1958) invites us to:


Which brings up interesting images of what Little Johnny, cranky after spending the day in the back seat with Little Sis, might do after getting his hands on a mace. We are told:

The visitor is urged to try his hand with all weapons, for relaxation and educational examination.

You have read about them in books, seen them in museums, and watched soldiers and native using them in movies and on television. Now, at WEAPONS OF THE WORLD, YOU may see, handle, and USE them on ranges designed to simulate actual historic and native conditions....

Enjoy yourself with weapons of many ages and cultures, then visit the Weapons Shop for gifts, remembrances and refreshments.

"Mommy, can I have a blowgun?"

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