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Bibliography: Books: Disney Corporate/Biography

This bibliography covers books which may be useful in researching theme parks, amusement parks, and related subjects. Some of these books are available from the publisher or your favorite bookstore, while others are out of print but may still possibly be obtained through a used book dealer or from your library (in stock or through interlibrary loan). When possible a link has been provided to where you may check availability and order the book directly. Books about Disney design and architecture are in the Disney Theme Parks section.

Broggie, Michael
Walt Disney's Railroad Story. Pasadena, CA: Pentrex. 1998 (2nd Edition). 431p. Many Color and B&W Photos. Chronicles Walt Disney's fascination with trains and how it was expressed in films, Disneyland, and his back yard.
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Connellan, Tom
Inside the Magic Kingdom. Austin, TX: Bard Press. 1997. xii,194p. Short management book that aims to explain the "Seven keys to Disney's Success" and allow the reader to apply them in their own business.
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Eisner, Michael with Schwartz, Tony.
Work In Progress. NY: Random House. 1998. xi,450p. Highly self-congratulatory autobiography by Disney's CEO.
Check availability at

Flower, Joe.
Prince of the Magic Kingdom: Michael Eisner and the re-making of Disney. NY: Wiley. 1991. viii,309p. B&W Photos. Somewhat uncritical Eisner Bio and story of the Disney turn-around.
Check availability at

Grover, Ron.
The Disney Touch: Disney, ABC, & the quest for the world's greatest media empire. Chicago: Irwin. 1997 (Updated edition). xxv,334p. B&W Photos. The story of how Eisner, Wells, and Team Disney turned the struggling Disney company into a media giant.
Check availability at

Land, Richard D. and Frank D.
Send A Message To Mickey. Nashville: Broadman. 1998. 87p. Book written in support of the Baptist boycott of the Walt Disney Company catalogs their apparent sins and lists subsidiaries for boycotters to avoid.
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Schroeder, Russell.
Walt Disney: His Life in Pictures. NY: Disney. 1996. 64p. B&W Photos. Biography of Walt for young readers told in photos and their captions. Includes many behind-the-scenes photographs.
Check availability at

Schweizer, Peter & Rochelle.
Disney: The Mouse Betrayed: greed, corruption, and children at risk. Washington, DC: Regnery. 1998. 374p. B&W Photos. This book levels a scattershot of charges against the Disney Company, from unsafe parks to promoting pornography.
Check availability at

Taylor, John.
Storming the Magic Kingdom: Wall Street, the raiders, and the battle for Disney. NY: Knopf. 1987. 261p. B&W Photos. Details the corporate infighting and intrigue surrounding the threatened takeover of the Disney Company in the late 1970's/early 1980's that eventually brought Michael Eisner to the helm.
Book is out of print. Audio version sometimes available at

Thomas, Bob.
Building a Company: Roy O. Disney and the creation of an entertainment empire.. NY: Hyperion. 1998. 359p. B&W Photos. Biography of the other Disney brother, Roy, who was the financial organizer behind Walt's artistic empire.
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Thomas, Bob
Walt Disney: An American Original. NY: Hyperion (Current edition -- other publishers previously). 1976. 379p. B&W Photos. Essentially the official biography; a thorough look at Walt's life.
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Watts, Steven.
The Magic Kingdom: Walt Disney and the American Way of Life. NY: Houghton Mifflin. 1997. xvii, 526p. B&W Photos. Wide ranging biography of Walt Disney that is also a cultural history of his times.
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