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Bibliography: Theses and Dissertations

Dissertations and theses, written in pursuit of a Masters or Doctoral degree, are often in-depth treatments of one particular aspect of the field of study and gerarally involve a report of original research. Accessibility is often limited, the only way to read one sometimes being to visit the archives of the University involved, although interlibrary loan may be available in limited cases. Some Dissertations are available through UMI and a subscribing academic library -- as always, consult your librarian.

Baumann, Franklin Arthur
Disney World: A Modern Feudal Kingdom?. Thesis (Masters): University of Florida. 1973. x, 214p.

Blazey, Michael Alan
Theme Park Use By Older Persons: an exploratory investigation. Dissertation (Doctoral): Pennsylvania State University. 1984. x, 227p.

Entertainment or Crowd Control: An analysis of the use and function of themed music ensembles in Walt Disney World. Thesis (Masters): Florida State University. 1986. iii, 59p.

Melzer, Jack D.
Profit Maximization and the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Thesis (Masters): Florida State University. 1971. vi, 78p. Explores the concept of the Disney World Resort as a catalyst for the development of the planned EPCOT community -- back when it looked like the EPCOT community might actually be built.

Nestegard, Elizabeth Anne
"Reading" Disneyland: A historical look at the textual interpretation of the Disney parks and the study of the American popular culture. Thesis (Masters): California State University, Fullerton. 1994. iii, 415p.

Salyers, Stephen N.
The Theme Park as Art and Narrative: A Case Study of the Disney-MGM Studios. Dissertation (Doctoral): Florida State University. 2000. xv, 210p.

Spinelli, Maria-Lydia
Fun and Power: experience and ideology at the Magic Kingdom. Dissertation (Doctoral): University of Massachusetts. 1992. xi, 511p.

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