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Bibliography: Books: Carousels and Other Rides

This bibliography covers books which may be useful in researching theme parks, amusement parks, and related subjects. Some of these books are available from the publisher or your favorite bookstore, while others are out of print but may still possibly be obtained through a used book dealer or from your library (in stock or through interlibrary loan). When possible a link has been provided to where you may check availability and order the book directly.

Anderson, Norman
Ferris Wheels: An Illustrated History. Bowling Green, OH: Bowling Green University Popular Press. 1992. ii,407p. Many B&W Photos and Diagrams. Everything you always wanted to know about Ferris wheels, right down to the patent drawings. Extensively researched and referenced.
Check availability at, or Amazon UK.

Anderson, Sherrell S.
Carousel Horses: A Photographic Celebration. London: PRC (US edition by Courage Books). 2000. 176p. Many Color Photos. Just what the title says: a big coffee table book of carousel photography.
Check availability at, or Amazon UK.

ASTM Committee F24,
ASTM Standards on Amusement Rides and Devices. West Conshohocken, PA: ASTM. 2000 (6th Edition). 36p. Compilation of the applicable standards from the American Society for Testing and Materials that spell out, in detail, standards for the manufacture and safe operation of rides.
Sold by the ASTM.

Bradley, P.W.
Some Notes on the Development of Fairground Machinery. Wiltshire, UK: Doug Roseaman Engineering. 1997. 64p. Some B&W Photos and line drawings. Collection of articles (from 1954) on the history and engineering of fairground rides including the whip, roundabouts, and waltzers.
Check availability at Amazon UK.

Fraley, Tobin
The Great American Carousel: a century of master craftsmanship. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books. 1994. 132p. B&W and Color Photos. Well illustrated history of the artists who carved these classic rides.
Out of print. Search for a used copy at

Manns, William; Shank, Peggy & Stevens, Marianne.
Painted Ponies. Santa Fe, NM: Zon International. 1986. 256p. Color Photos. A celebration of American carousel art, well illustrated and including a carousel census.
Check availability at, or Amazon UK.

Papa, Carrie.
The Carousel Keepers: an oral history of American carousels. Blacksburg, VA: McDonald & Woodward. 1998. xiii,250p. B&W Photos. Fascinating look at the people who made, operate, and preserve those great old classic carousels, as told in their own words.
Check availability at, or Amazon UK.

Pearson, Lynn F.
Amusement Machines. Buckinghamshire, UK: Shire. 1992. 32p. B&W Photos. Short book about slot machines and other game machines.
Check availability at, or Amazon UK.

Scrivens, Kevin and Smith, Stephen
Gallopers. Studley, Warwickshire: Fairground Association of Great Britain. 1998. 44p. Many Color and B&W Photos. A survey of all existing sets of British-built galloping horses with their history by owners.
Check availability at Amazon UK.

Scrivens, Kevin and Smith, Stephen
Moonrocket: the Thriller Ride of the Thirties. Studley, Warwickshire: Fairground Association of Great Britain. 1988. 16p. B&W Photos. Pamphlet detailing the history of this himalaya/bayern curve variant portable fairground ride primarily produced by Lakin/Maxwell in Great Britain.
Check availability at Amazon UK.

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