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Bibliography: Journals: Academic Articles

The following is a list of some academic journal articles which may be useful in the researching of theme parks. (Due to the sheer number of magazines out there, articles in consumer magazines or trade journals will not be included. See Trade Magazines to find the websites of some of these publications, or look for print Bibliographies.)

Many of these articles are not available online, and note that we can NOT supply copies for you. An academic library may be able to find them for you, either through stocking back issues of the journal, interlibrary loan, or a subscription to an online journal archive. Consult your librarian as to how you may best find them.

They are in the format of:

Author (Date). Article title, Name of Journal, Volume(Issue):Page Numbers.

Aubrey, K. (1996). Sinning without consequences and other American dreams: Southern theme parks, restaurants, and vacation cities, Studies In Popular Culture, 19(2):39-47.

Braksiek, R. J. and Roberts, D. J. (2002). Amusement park injuries and deaths, Annals of Emergency Medicine, 39:65-72.

Campo, J. (1998). American pilgrimage landscapes: Americans and religions in the twenty-first century, The annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 558:40-57.

Crang, M. (1996). Magic kingdom or a quixotic quest for authenticity, Annals of Tourism Research, 23:415-431.

Ford, R. C. and Milman, A. (2000). George C. Tilyou: developer of the contemporary amusement park, The Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 41(4):62-71.

Francaviglia, R. (1981). Main Street U.S.A.: A comparison/contrast of streetscapes in Disneyland and Walt Disney World, Journal of Popular Culture, Summer 1981: 141-156.

Graft, J. H. (1986). The future of amusement parks and attraction industry, Tourism Management, 7(1):60-62.

Harvey, C. W. and Zibell, C. (2000). Shrinking selves in synthetic sites: on personhood in a Walt Disney World, Ethics and Information Technology, 2:19-25.

Hildebrant, H. (1981). Cedar Point: a park in progress, Journal of Popular Culture, Summer 1981: 87-107.

Johnson, D. (1981). Disney World as structure and symbol: re-creation of the American experience, Journal of Popular Culture, Summer 1981: 157-165.

Kennedy, D. (1998). Shakespeare and cultural tourism, Theatre Journal, 50(2):175- 188.

King, M. (1981). Disneyland and Walt Disney World: traditional values in futuristic form, Journal of Popular Culture, Summer 1981: 116-140.

Larkin, M. (2002). Are amusement park rides bad for the brain?, The Lancet Neurology, 1(5):274.

Mechling, E. and Mechling, J. (1981). The sale of two cities: a semiotic with Marriott's Great America, Journal of Popular Culture, Summer 1981: 166-179.

Mills, S. F. (1990). Disney and the promotions of synthetic worlds, American Studies International, 28(2): 66-80.

Mintz, L. (1998). Simulated tourism at Busch Gardens: The Old Country and Disney's World Showcase, Epcot Center, Journal of Popular Culture, 32(3):47-59.

Moore, A. (1980). Walt Disney World: bounded ritual space and the playful pilgrimage center, Anthropological Quarterly, XX: 207-218.

Moscardo, G and Pearce, P. (1986). Historic theme parks: an Australian experience in authenticity, Annals of Tourism Research, 13:467-479.

Moutinho, L. (1988). Amusement park visitor behaviour -- Scottish attitudes, Tourism Management, 9(4):291-300.

Nelson, S. (1990). Reel life performance: the Disney-MGM Studios, The Drama Review, 34(4):60-78.

Neil, J. M. (1981). The roller coaster: architectural symbol and sign, Journal of Popular Culture, Summer 1981: 108-115.

Nye, R. (1981). Eight ways of looking at an amusement park, Journal of Popular Culture, Summer 1981: 63-75.

O'Brien, G. (1981). The parks of Vienna, Journal of Popular Culture, Summer 1981: 76-86.

Pretes, M. (1995). Postmodern tourism: the Santa Claus industry, Annals of Tourism Research, 22:1-15.

Reade, L. and Waran, N. (1996). The modern zoo: how do people perceive zoo animals?, Applied Animal Behavior Science, 47:109-118.

Roest, H., Pieters, R., and Koelemeijer, K. (1997). Satisfaction with Amusement Parks, Annals of Tourism Research, 24:1001-1005.

Salamone, F. (1997). Authenticity in tourism: the San Angel Inns, Annals of Tourism Research, 24:305-321.

Schaffer, S. (1996). Disney and the imagineering of histories, Postmodern Culture, 6:3.

Stephenson, T. (1998). My silence speaks volumes: Mickey Mouse and the ideology of an icon, Theatre Annual, 51:54-70.

Sun, L. and Uysal, M. (1994). The role of theme parks in tourism, FIU Hospitality Review, 12: 71-80.

Weinstein, R. (1992). Disneyland and Coney Island: reflections on the evolution of the modern amusement park, Journal of Popular Culture, 26(1):131-164.

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