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How To Find Hard To Find Books

It looks like just the book you need -- only problem is, your local bookstore doesn't stock it. What now? Be sure to bookmark this page so you can return and try another source if what you are looking for is not readily available.

To Find It New

If a book is still in print there's a good chance you might be able to locate it through one of the larger online booksellers. Try searching or Powells:

Search Now:
In Association with

Other online booksellers to try, particularly for textbooks, are and

Some books, especially if textbooks or self-published, may only be available through the publisher. A search on your favorite search engine will probably turn up the publisher's web page (if there is one).

Readers in the UK (or those in other countries who are looking for books published in the UK, as they ship internationally) may want to try

Used Books

A book that has gone out of print may still sometimes be found through a general bookseller that also deals in used books. Amazon, Powells, and some of the other new book dealers linked above also sometimes have used copies available (see search boxes above).

A book that has only recently gone out of print may also sometimes be located through a dealer in remainders (books that have had their last remaining copies wholesaled by the publisher to a bargain books dealer) such as These dealers usually sell at deep discounts, although selection will be limited.

Advanced Book Exchange is a network of dealers where you may be able to find out of print books, search:


 First Edition

Alibris is one of the larger online used book services, able to draw on a network of smaller booksellers yet still offering one stop shopping. Search:

by title by author

Bunches of Books is another large used book dealer, especially for textbooks.

UK readers might want to try JustBooks UK. BookFinder is a metasearch engine that scans many different booksellers -- if you find a book through them you follow the link to the individual dealer, where you must make your own arrangements.

Library Copies

If your local library doesn't have a copy of a book you are looking for they still may be able to borrow one from another library through Interlibrary Loan. See your librarian for assistance. Some libraries may charge for this service.

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